What is the indication of use of the Allon system?

The Allon is used in medical environments where Patient Normothermia is critical. This is mainly used in the Operating room for Long and complicated procedures, or Procedures with large operating surface or in the pedicatric populations.

Why do patients need to be warmed in the operating theatre?

Patients in the Operating theatre have a tendency to drop core body temperature as a combined result of the surrounding cold air, the exposed body cavity and the anaesthesia which interferes with autonomic patient temperature regulation.

What is the advantage of the Allon over Regular Air warming devices?

The Allon uses Conductive heating, via the Peltier technique. This method of heating has enhanced Energy transfer and therefore has the ability to maintain Normothermia throughout the Operational procedure. Patients On the Allon are released to the Recovery room within the Normothermia temperature Range.

Why is Normothermia important ?

Normothermia is important in all stages of Surgery: Preoperatively- The warm wrap is important in the physical experience of the patient awaiting surgery and guarantees patient will start surgery Normothermic; Intra-Operatively- The Allon Eliminates the rapid decrease in core temperature seen commonly in surgical patients. Post Operatively- Normothermic patients were proven to have Shorter recovery times from anesthesia, and reduced complications (cardiac morbidity, surgical bleeding, wound infections), and postoperative shivering by reducing thermal stress events after extubation. All these ensure that the Allon is cost effective for its users.

How does the Allon control the temperature?

The Allon system reads feedback from the temperature sensors inserted in the patient. The Allon algorithm calculates the correct water temperature in order to maintain the patient at Normothermia and flows the water at the specific temperature to the wraps.

Does the Wrap interfere with the Surgical procedure?

No, the wraps come in several sizes and designs according to the size of the patient and the type of surgery being performed. Each wrap can be opened and refastened multiple times owing to Velcro fasteners.

Is the Wrap disposable?

Yes, the wraps are disposable in order to maintain sanitary and hygienic purposes of the patients. After each surgery there is no additional work for the staff.

What water is used in the Allon?

The Allon should be filled up with sterile water or 0.22 micron filtered tap water.