What is TTM?

Targeted temperature management (TTM), previously known as Therapeutic Hypothermia, is active treatment aimed at achieving and maintaining a specific body temperature in a person for a specific duration of time in order to improve health outcome in general and specifically in an attempt to reduce the risk of tissue injury after lack of blood flow or low oxygen supply. Periods of poor blood flow may be due to cardiac arrest or the blockage of an artery by a clot as in the case of a stroke in adults or due to hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy in neonates.

What common indications are there for cooling?

According to the ILCOR guidelines and AHA, cooling is indicated after Cardiac Arrest and in Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy. Other common indications with gradually rising clinical evidence are Ischemic Stroke, Traumatic Brain or Spinal Cord Injury without fever, and Neurogenic fever following brain trauma.

Is there a size limit to the patient when cooling with CritiCool?

No, any patient can be cooled. We have a range of wrap sizes in order to cool neonatal to adult patients.

How do I choose the right size of wrap for my patient?

The infant wraps come in three sizes, according to the weight of the baby. The pediatric and adult wrap sizes are chosen according to the patient’s height.

How long does it take to reach the set point?

The cooling rate in adults is approximately 1.5 cº/hour.

How does the CritCool control the temperature?

The CritiCool system reads feedback from the temperature sensors inserted in the patient. The CritiCool algorithm calculates the correct water temperature in order to maintain the patient at the required Set Point ordered by the physician and flows the water at the specific temperature to the wraps.

Is a physician needed in order to administer the cooling process?

No, the cooling process with CritiCool is easily administered by the nursing staff and does not require a physician.

Are the wraps latex free?

Yes, the wraps are latex free.

How long can I keep the wrap on my patient?

The Wraps are durable for up to 14 days. It is Recommended to Replace Wraps at least every 5 days.

Are the wraps disposable?

Yes, the wraps are disposable in order to maintain sanitary and hygienic purposes of the patients. Each wrap can be opened and refastened multiple times owing to Velcro fasteners. This enables to cleanse the patient and administer various medical treatments properly whilst the patient is being cooled.

When should I turn the criticool on?

When your unit gets an alert that there is a possible patient that will require cooling, the Criticool should be filled with water. This gives the water in the tank the chance to cool to its maximum. When the patient arrives in the ward, and cooling is decided upon, the wrap should be connected to the Criticool, the temperature sensors should be inserted and the patient should be covered with the wrap. This will commence treatment and start the flow of cold water from the Criticool to the wrap.

How long can I cool the patient?

You can use the Critcool as long as is needed according to the medical indication.

Is there a limit for setting the set-point temperature?

The Set point temperature range is 30ºC – 40ºC.

Where should I place the core sensor probe?

The core Sensor Probe can be inserted into any standard Core Sensor placement- Esophageal, bladder, rectal.

Our ICU unit is very crowded. Is the CritiCool machine very bulky or noisy?

The CritiCool machine uses the Peltier technology in order to cool the water/patient and therefore it is very quiet and compact.