ALLON System

The Allon is a revolutionary system that controls your patients temperature throughout all stages of surgery. The system consists of an algorithm driven heat pump that supplies warm or cold water to the ThermoWrap™ garment worn by the patient. The water temperature is determined as a function of the actual patient temperature and desired set point temperature. Core and surface temperature sensors provide continuous feedback to the central unit in order to regulate the heat pump and thereby the patient temperature. The anesthesiologist chooses the exact desired core temperature and the Allon does the rest.


ThermoWrap is an integral part of the Allon system. The Wrap comes in various sizes and shapes to meet the needs of any surgical procedure. The Wrap covers the Patient in a suit-like matter, fastened with Hook & Loop strips which can be adjusted easily without impairing its use. Water Channels in the Wrap grant a constant ow of water to facilitate energy transfer to the Patient. The Water Temperature is regulated according to feedback from Core and Surface Temperature Sensors placed on the Patient.