CritiCool Systems


The CritiCool MINI system thermo-regulates and monitors patient temperature in an effective and precise manner.
The desired temperature is preset by the physician with a wide range of target temperatures- from Hypothermia to Normothermia.
Due to its compact size, CritiCool MINI is ideal for use in transportation and in different hospital environments.
Its unique built-in battery allows for transportable, continuous treatment.


  • Optimal solution for early initiation of TTM
  • Battery operated
  • Fits different storage options and different hospital departments


  • Built-in temperature splitter, which allows for 2 separate temperature monitoring
  • Friendly graphic user interface
  • Simple to use, wrap and operate

CritiCool System

CritiCool – The Optimal Solution for Induced Hypothermia 

CritiCool’s clever algorithm for Core temperature control offers precise cooling to programmed Set-Point Temperature. Continuous temperature feedback from the patient enables automatic temperature regulation and monitoring. Controlled Rewarming mode assists in preventing complications during this sensitive phase.

CritiCool Pro System

The CritiCool Pro combines all the advantages of CritiCool with Mennen Medical’s VitaLogik Patient Monitor

CritiCool Transportation Kit

Therapeutic hypothermia has emerged as state-of-the-art treatment for neonates with HIE, for survivals of Cardiac Arrest and many other Ischemic Brain applications. As a result, clinicians must have a reliable and controlled method to cool these patients during transport to centers with Targeted Temperature Management programs.
MTRE has developed a device to make the CritiCool available for use during both ground and air transports. The device secures the CritiCool to the oor of the transport vehicle and has been designed according to International Standards to withstand the forces likely to be encountered in event of a collision. The Transport Device enables connecting the CritiCool easily, promising zero movement during transport and allowing easy detachment upon arrival to treatment facility.


The Optimal Solution for Therapeutic Hypothermia 

Cure Wrap is an integral part of the CritiCool system. The Wrap covers the Patient in a suit-like matter, fastened with Hook & Loop strips.
The Wrap can be opened easily for Patient Care and then refastened without impairing its use.
Water Channels in the Wrap grant a constant ow of water to facilitate energy transfer to the Patient.
The Water Temperature is regulated according to feedback from Core and surface Temperature Sensors placed on the patient.