Testimonial Memorial Richmond Health System

Since we have been using the MTRE warming blanket machine: the patients are happier because they are getting onto a warm bed, surgeons are happier because the patient is warm and they can have the OR room cooler. The OR Circulators are happier because the patients are staying warm – they do not have to listen to the different complaints between anesthesia, the scrub staff and the surgeons. Read More


Sheba Hospital

When I used the CritiCool with the disposable CureWrap, I was able to decrease patient temperature to 33 C (Hypothermia) as well to maintain the temperature for 24 hours. The CritiCool system is an effective, non invasive method for managing a patient Hypothermia and thermoregulation. Read More

Baby survives with criticool

Baby survives with “Whole Body Cooling”

Doctors dropped the baby’s temperature to about 90-degrees with, what is essentially, a cooling blanket for 3 days. “The cells that would’ve died, kind of go to sleep. The cooling causes the metabolism of the brain to kind of shut down, so those cells that would’ve died don’t die,” said Dr. Kaiser. Amazingly, when the cooling was complete, an MRI of the baby’s brain was normal. “Stay positive through the whole process, even when you’re going through it stay positive,” said Nelson. Read More


A STILLBORN baby was miraculously brought back to life after being frozen for THREE days

The pioneering procedure protects against brain damage by forcing the organ to repair itself. Ella’s temperature plummeted from 37C to 33.5C. After 72 hours it was slowly raised by half a degree at a time. Dr Topun Austin, Ella’s consultant pediatricians at Addenbrooke’s said cooling treatment can significantly help babies who suffer a lack of oxygen to the brain during birth. He said: “Cooling is now universally seen as the standard of care for all infants who suffer from a lack of oxygen at birth like Ella. It is very important that infants eligible for this cooling treatment are identified early, as the sooner cooling start the better.” Read More